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Q&A Training Information.

What type of training methods do you use?

My methods are all reward based (using treats, toys, praise), completely force free to develop the most amazing bond, relationship and communication between you and your dog.

There will be NO check chains, pulling or pushing dogs around. These methods have been tried and tested by the dinosaurs and they DO NOT work and will make your dog very unhappy.

How long does it take to train a dog?

Dog training is a gradual and continuous process. 

If our dogs do something that we would rather they didn't it is important to recognise that whatever they are doing they are doing it for a reason!

It is our job to work out why and then we can put in a training plan to gradually change and alter what we are seeing.

Some issues are due to a lack of training and some issues have an emotional attachment and may be behavioural, often there is a combination of the two.


It is important that we are consistent, reward frequently and reward at the right time when communicating and training with your dog. There is no doubt about it that this is a skill and I can support, teach and guide you with this.

Will you train my dog or shall I send my dog away to be trained?

I can work with you and your dog with the priority of developing YOU to engage and train with your dog, have fun and enjoy your time together. I will equip you with all of the tools you need to progress forward with whatever you would like support and advice with.

Please do not consider sending your dog away to be trained. The success rate of this is very poor and you have absolutely no insight as to the methods that are being used. Any progress in training will quickly break down again.

Is every dog trained in the same way?

All dogs are different and all owners are different too!

Your training will be taking into consideration your dogs needs but also has to work for you too.

I have lots of experience in assessing and working with dogs, understanding their needs. One shoe doesn't always fit all with training and I understand that pet owners will have a varying level of understanding, knowledge and handing ability too.

That is where I can really help and support you, training with you and your dog is all about teamwork! Our training will be fun, engaging and a positive experience for us all!




If I attend a class how many other dogs will be there?

There will be a maximum of 6 dogs in a class so that every dog and owner can maximise their learning within the class environment.

Classes are with two trainers. Helen Kay from Cleveland Dogs and Katie Guastapaglia from Dogwood Adventure Play.

A lovely, relaxed class environment with opportunity for one to one training time too!

Will my dog be suitable for class?

Training classes are not suitable for every dog. To attend a class your dog must be sociable around other people and dogs. If your dog has a tendency to show concern or fear related behaviour this must be discussed before booking. 

The class environment can be difficult for some dogs and their welfare is our priority.

Bitches in season and unable to attend class and all dogs must be fully vaccinated.


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