Online Training Sessions

In our current climate with the worries of Covid - 19 we are all restricted due to Government guidelines. If you were looking for training or behaviour support for your dog I can still work and support you! During these difficult times I have also made the decision to significantly reduce the cost so that I can commit to offering ongoing support to you and your pets.

Have you got extra time on your hands?

Have you just got a new puppy and were planning on attending classes?

Not sure what to teach your dog next?

Looking to teach your dog to walk nicely on a lead or come back when called?

Does your dog get easily distracted and not listen to you?


Training takes time, consistency and lots of practise so now would be a good time to focus on mastering the training you have always been meaning to get round to doing!

Online sessions give the opportunity for virtual training sessions which have a multitude of advantages for you and your dog.

For one it means that your dog has not got the distraction of someone new, smelling of dogs having just entered your house!

It is also advantageous for dogs with behavioural issues as their behaviour can be observed as you are seeing it day to day.

If you are interested in a session please get in touch.

We will link in using the 'Zoom' app which you can download onto your phone, I-pad or computer. 

I will arrange the session for you, at a mutually convenient time and send you clear information with regards to how to use the app for the session. This will enable me to view your dog and have discussion with you during the session.


There is so much training and advice we can cover using this format.

Focus and attention is the basis of all our dog training and is a starting point for teaching a dog to walk nicely on a lead or coming back reliably when called. These training games can be done in the house and garden with your dog!

Endless advice, support and training for your new puppy looking at building confidence and channelling your pups energy to set them up for success.

Inital behavior consultations can also be covered effectively too!





Please refer to Puppy and Junior / Adult pages for further info.




Please refer to the Behaviour Consultation page for further info.

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