Sniff and Search Courses

Our dogs have supersonic noses that they love to use!

This course really is for any dog that loves to have a good old sniff!!


Sniffing is proven to decrease heart rate in dogs which then means it helps them to relax, show calm behaviour and it's tiring too!

It is really important that our working breeds that are family pets have an outlet for the instinctive behaviours that they show and often crave! (Spaniels, Cockerpoos, Labradors are the first that spring to mind)

However, let’s not get too breed specific as all dogs’ love a good sniff!

A couple of the UK Police forces now have Staffordshire Bull Terriers as detection dogs! (Rescue ones too – high five to the Rescue Dogs!)

This training is great fun and fantastic mental stimulation for your dog and these courses are suitable for dogs of all ages!




Your Trainers:

Katie from Dogwood Adventure Play is a certified IMDT trainer who is also qualified in teaching Scent Work through UK Sniffer Dogs. She has been working with dogs in classes and one to one sessions, seeing the benefits that scent work has with dogs with behavioural issues and building confidence.

Helen from Cleveland Dogs is a certified APDT trainer who has 16 years of experience working with Police Dogs. Helen trained and worked a drug, cash and weapons detection dog operationally and was also involved in training young dogs to prepare for this role.

What to expect on the course:

  • All training will be tailored for your individual dog so we may have some dogs searching for toys, others food. Some may be retrieving and some may be indicating!

  • We will be working with the different stages of search which are loose, loose systematic and systematic which describes the way that you can assist your dog whilst they are searching

  • We will be using what motivates your dog to encourage fun, engaging search exercises which you can continue at home.

  • Initially your dog may be using their eyes to search and find. The training will be developed to encourage your dog to switch from being visual to using their nose! We will be teaching lots of fun target training games with our dogs. This will help to build up the indication part of the sniff and search work, should you wish to continue your training on further courses with us.


  • All training will be positive training, fun and engaging.

  • This training encourages you to work as a team with your dog, trust them and you will learn about how your dog communicates that they may be close to finding the hide!

  • The option to progress your training onto Level 1, 2, 3 and then 4 Sniff and Search Training Courses.

"Helen and Katie are the loveliest people and care deeply about enriching the life of each dog they train, educating owners whilst keeping classes fun"

"I knew sniffing was important for dogs, but never could have predicted how much Roary loves to sniff and search!"

Vicki and Roary

Courses are held:

Carlton WI Hall, Thorpe Road, Carlton Village, Stockton on Tees, TS21 1DT

Monday Evenings



Please note that dogs must be comfortable around other dogs and people to attend this course. 

One to One sessions available upon request.

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