Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions have been set out in the interest of safety, responsibility  and the welfare of my clients and their dogs. I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and with immediate effect. It is the responsibility of my clients to keep up to date with the latest terms and conditions.


Insurance Cover

  • Fully insured with Protectivity Insurance

Bookings made with Cleveland Dogs

All courses and appointments need to be pre booked.

  • Payment for courses will be expected at the time of booking. Your space on a course is not secure until payment has been received by BACS transfer or Cheque. This means that you risk losing your space to someone else after attempt has been made to contact you to request payment.

  • Payment for pre booked appointments will be expected after the training session by cash, cheque or BACS transfer.

  • If you have block booked sessions payment can be made after each session or at anytime throughout the booking period.

Cancellation of appointments

My work schedule is very busy and I am often turning new potential clients away. For this reason the flowing as been put in place:

Class Bookings:

  • Should you cancel a class within 24 hours then you will not be entitled to a refund.

  • Should you miss a class then you will not be entitled to a part refund and we will provide you with handouts to cover the class you have missed.

  • Should we cancel a class for any unforeseen reason we will endeavour to provide you with sufficient handouts and support to cover the course content.

  • Alternative class dates may be offered though are not guaranteed. Part refunds will be at Cleveland Dogs discretion dependent on the situation and are not guaranteed.

Training and Behaviour One to One Training Sessions:

  • Payment for sessions will be expected after completing the session if paying by cash or cheque.

  • Payments by BACS will be expected within 24 hours of your appointment.

  • Should you cancel your appointment within 24 hours notice then there will be an additional surcharge of £15 should you book a further session.

  • If you block book and prepay for 3 sessions and cancel an appointment within 24 hours you will lose that session. Additional sessions can be arranged for the fee of £45.


When attending Classes


  • When booking classes you are committing to a 4 consecutive weeks of class unless stated otherwise.

  • We welcome family members to attend classes with you.

  • Children are welcome but are the responsibility of the Adult they are with. If they are disruptive in class we may have to request that you leave or make alternative arrangements for your child the following week. It is advisable that if young children attend class then they are accompanied with 2 Adults.

  • Please wear suitable clothing and flat comfortable footwear.

  • You must not knowingly book a dog on class who is reactive or shows concern around other people or dogs. Please contact us to discuss your dog for advice should you have concerns.

  • These classes are not designed for dog to dog socialising or interactions.

  • All dogs must be kept on a lead and under control in class unless requested otherwise by a trainer in class.

  • If your dog is barking, pulling on the lead or trying to move away from another dog or person please create distance between yourself and other dog / person.

  • If your dog toilet outside the training venue please clean this up immediately and dispose of the bag or take it home with you.

  • Should your dog toilet in the hall please don't worry, let us know immediately so we can assist you in cleaning it up.

  • Cleveland Dogs reserve the right to remove any dog from the class environment if it is reasonable to do so due to an identified behavioural issue, health and safety issues or for the dogs' welfare.

  • Cleveland Dogs cannot accept any responsibility for damage or loss of any vehicle whilst parked at a training venue.

  • Cleveland Dogs accepts no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to possessions, any person or dog during classes.

  • Bitches in season are not allowed to attend training classes

  • Sick, injured or dogs with known or who have been in contact with infectious diseases (including kennel cough, gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis) must not attend class.

  • If you are unfortunate enough to miss a class due to the above you are still welcome to attend without your dog to maintain continuity of training.

  • Cleveland Dogs accepts no responsibility for injury or illness to dogs or persons which is suspected to have been transmitted within a class environment.

  • Any Veterinary or associated fees which the owner receives will be the sole responsibility of the owner to pay.

Photographs, Videoing and Data Protection

  • You will be required to complete a data protection and media consent form at the time of your booking. You may elect to change these options at any time.

  • Should you take your own photos or videos please be respectful and consider data protection should you choose to use them on social media or for any other reason.

Training Methods

  • Only positive, force free training methods that are scientifically based will be used during training.

  • No aversive training methods or training equipment will be utilised or acceptable during class or one to one training sessions.

  • These include: choke chains, electric collars, E collars, spray collars, anti pull harnesses. prong collars, pet correctors, training discs, anything that causes a startle effect. (this list is not exhaustive)

  • Anyone who attends class or is involved in a training session with their dog wearing or in possession of averisve equipemnt will be asked to remove it.

  • If you do not comply then you will be asked to leave the training venue or your training session will be suspended.

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